Anthony W. Lorito-Duke: Founder/Owner. For over 25 years Mr. Lorito-Duke has been an advocate for many people of multiple different communities & animals. Mr. Lorito-Duke has worked for & together with many agencies & has also worked together with my politicians (on all levels) & has helped get many laws passed & enforced & helped change the social service system. Throughout the years, Mr. Lorito-Duke has helped improve society, living conditions for many people, helped many people fight for & receive their rightful government benefits, & helped saved lives of animals. Mr. Lorito-Duke wrote 2 books, owns & hosts 2 internet radio talk shows, owns 10 internet newspapers, owns his own internet store & co-owns another internet store/website with his husband Randy R. Duke. 

 Randy R. Duke: CEO/Editor. Mr. Duke is the author of multiple books & owns a website/internet store together with his husband Anthony W. Lorito-Duke. Mr. Duke is also a chef, baker, chocolatier, & animal lover.